Since the start of Viper Tradeshow Services, customer service has been a critical component to our success. We pride ourselves on quality products, as well as complete customer satisfaction. We know that our clients are the most important asset to our future. We have established some great relationships and look forward to making many new ones in the future.

Our clients view us as not only a partner, but also as an extension of themselves. But you don’t have to take our word for it…

Show Managers


“I wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your outstanding support at PALTC24. We are incredibly grateful to have such dependable and reliable partners like Viper!

Your unwavering commitment to excellence and your proactive approach in addressing challenges did not go unnoticed. Your solutions-oriented mindsets and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction were truly appreciated.

Moreover, your calm demeanor onsite, especially during stressful moments, was immensely reassuring and greatly appreciated. Your ability to maintain composure and kindness amidst pressure is a testament to Viper’s exceptional professionalism and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Once again, thank you both for your invaluable support and partnership. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving even greater success together in the future.”



AMP Management Services

“We consider Viper not our hired vendor, but our Partners. Their commitment to not only our company, but to the many associations that we manage is steadfast. They are constantly looking for cost savings by presenting alternative solutions without affecting the final product. Customer service is one of their specialties, they make each exhibitor, attendee, and hotel staff that they come in contact with feel as they are valued and appreciated. Our expectations have been met and exceed over the past 5+ years, onsite we consider the VIPER staff an extension of our own staff. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”



AMP Management Services

“They are our partners for all of our company’s events (14+ annual meetings.) They are always wonderful. Hank and Belinda, the two main contacts, are absolutely wonderful to work with. They have rich experience, great problem solving skills and tremendous leadership ability. They have become far more than vendors to us; we consider them to be extensions of our staff. They treat us and others with courtesy, professionalism and kindness. They are strong and firm as well. We would not consider using another provider as they not only provide excellent drayage service, but they provide pro-active planning solutions, help wherever needed (even beyond their scope of services) and are always a huge pleasure to work with. I could not give a higher recommendation than Viper. I believe you would be very happy with their services!”



Diversified Consultants

“On behalf of all of Diversified Consultants’ clients that have worked with Viper for almost 10 years…THANK YOU. Viper has been a tremendous partner on all of our meetings, regardless of size. I think the thing that we, DCI, and our clients appreciate the most is the very personal touch that Viper puts on every show. Our Viper show representatives are second to none when it comes to direct contact with our show vendors, making sure each one has all the information they need, and are prepared to attend.

It’s also been great to see the relationships develop and grow between our show vendors and Viper…and now our vendors are using Viper for various things outside of DCI shows. It’s just a testimony to the great service they have received throughout the years.

We consider our friends at Viper an integral part of our meeting team, and greatly appreciate all the work they do on our behalf to make every show the greatest success possible. We look forward to many more great years with Viper on our side!

Thank you again from all of us at Diversified Consultants, Inc.”




“Our conference has been working with Ellen Seebold and the Viper team for the past four years during which we have experienced a 20% growth in attendees and sponsors. The Viper team has exceeded all our expectations related to cost, services, and quality of furnishings. Most importantly, Ellen and the Viper team approaches each aspect of managing the conference’s needs by anticipating what will be needed to exceed expectations, and then rise to the occasion for management, sponsors, and attendees. A true partner in our success. Kudos!



Farm Journal

“We have been working with Ellen and Viper for several years and always had wonderful customer service and great experiences. They are professional, organized and always helpful and prompt with responses. I would highly recommend them for any event.




CEO – XRX, Inc — STITCHES Events, Knitter’s Magazine, & XRX Books

“We have been doing consumer shows across the country for over 20 years… and in that time we have worked with many different decorators. But four years ago at our Midwest show, our world got significantly better when we met Dave Kordecki and started working with Viper for our various decorating and floor services. It only took one show to know that we HAD to have them with us for the other three shows that we do.

Viper isn’t like any other company of their kind I have ever encountered. They always have our backs. When things go wrong, they calmly and professionally deal with it. But they do so in way that lets us know that they really do care. Our vendors see the Viper team several times a year. There is real trust that they have earned from not only our company but the small companies that vend with us. It’s about quality and sincerity.

I’m actually loath to call Viper our decorators—they are so much more. They go to every single pre-con meeting at every show we do. I consider them as part of the management team at and for our shows… always keeping the best interests of our customers at the forefront of their decision making process.

I absolutely recommend Viper to you or anyone who puts on shows. Frankly, I’m always startled that there are people that can do shows without them. I wouldn’t want to!”



Meetings & Exhibits Manager – Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association

“We have been receiving a flood of positive feedback about last week’s PCNA meeting and we couldn’t have done it without you!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! I really enjoyed working with you and I hope we can do it again sometime. You have an outstanding team and should be very proud. Unfortunately, PCNA has a miniscule budget for cash gratuities and we weren’t able to give this to everyone who deserved it. Let me know if there is a way for me to recognize your outstanding work with the big-shots at Viper. Bravo… and a heartfelt thanks from all of us here at PCNA.”



Director, Public Affairs & Events – Taco Bell Corp.

“I’ve been in the meetings and events business for over 25 years and have worked with Viper for about 15 years. Their knowledge, expertise and passion to produce an amazing show is second to none. We have thrown some interesting challenges at them over the years and they always “Make it happen!” We work so well as a team and they are looked at as a valuable extension of that team. If Viper is on it, we know that is one less thing we need to worry about.”




“Viper Tradeshow Services embodies a genuine “customer-centric” philosophy and consistently delivers extraordinary service for me, our events team and our brand stakeholders alike. They impress me with their detailed approach, professionalism and willingness to make the impossible happen – all with a smile. Whether diving deep into the logistics of our programs or providing seamless customer service to our sponsors, we can always count on their team. “Best-in-class” is what comes to mind when I think about the team at Viper.   “



WATT Global Media/PetFood

“A big personal thank you to all for your many contributions and exceptional customer service this week in helping deliver record results for Petfood Forum 2019.  It’s truly a collective and collaborative effort from each and every one.”



Trade Show Manager – Transportation Solutions Group | PrePass

“VIPER TRADESHOW SERVICES has been the shipper of our tradeshow booth and materials for over a decade and we have never, ever, had a problem!   Other companies call from time to time to secure our business, but we politely refuse because there is no way we would change to another service provider.  Once I call and am given our pick-up date, I know that our booths and materials will be delivered to our designated area on time, ready to set up.  Viper does an exceptional job of professionally and efficiently handling any and all problems that might occur with the show site.  The employees of VIPER are THE BEST!”



Owner – Exhibit Outsource, Inc.

“We have worked with Hank Schlueter and her group Viper for many years now.

Through the years, we have had many special requests in presenting our clients show needs. They have always taken care of these needs in a timely and professional manner.

We highly recommend them.”


President – DDSC, Inc.

“Having been both a consultant and a vendor to the Interiors by Decorating Den National Conference for more than 25 years, in various convention venues all over the USA, you were not the first, or the second service they used. But I must say, in receiving and installing the many furniture samples for display, tending to our service needs (even at the last minute) and expediting our customers departure at the end – you are the best! Your spelled out instructions and procedures make it easy for our manufacturers to label our products, and your shipping options and time tables work successfully!”



“On behalf of my colleagues, I wanted to thank your onsite team for all the help Gecko received during the show.

I am also sending a massive thank you to you for all your support, understanding and patience with my last-minute questions prior to and during the show.

The whole experience was really stress-free and smooth for us.

Thank you once again for all your assistance.”



“The Viper Graphics Department is a tremendous asset to the branding and appearance of our meeting. Steve works closely with our staff to create eye-catching graphics that build a cohesive theme and make our meeting stand out. Each year, he elevates our graphics to the next level, while making the process easier on our staff. Viper works hard to understand the needs of your meeting and offer solutions to challenges as they arise. Last year, the Viper Graphics Department helped our Association stretch the value of our budget by creating multipurpose graphics that we used in our exhibit hall and then again as décor at our closing reception.  Saving us money and simplifying our work onsite.”




WOW” and “Thank You” don’t even begin to express my sentiments about the 2019 VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo event and Viper’s integral role.  The 2019 year presented VISION with great opportunities as we worked to rebrand the hosting organization, MWACA, resulting in all new signage and installations for the VISION program.

The hard work and creativity of the Viper team to deliver a new image was beyond my expectations. From working on concepts with you, to having those concepts evolve into line drawings with Steve Paff’s assistance, to then having the graphic design and creativity from Candy Wilson, there was not a single step through this process where I had any hesitancy regarding the end results.

Your team’s hard work came to line on the show floor as Dave worked with his team on the installation of each of these new pieces, from the Events Wall, New Product Showcase, Entry Designs, and MWACA Info Booth, each was perfectly designed and installed. However, the real proof came with the MWACA leadership and VISION attended saw the new pieces. We have had rave reviews from everyone in attendance.