Have you ever wondered what attendees or exhibitors really think about your show? I recently saw a show manager send out a post show survey that was one of the best I have ever seen. There were 2 reasons why I felt it was the best survey ever. The first reason was because it asked for feedback on things most people don’t ask about such as the length of the meeting, the length of the break out sessions, the food, the snacks, the distance from their hotel room to the meeting rooms and exhibit hall, the signage, the distance from the airport to the hotel and various other questions aimed not so much at the context of the meeting but more so the customer experience. The next reason I felt it was the best survey ever was that they hired an independent source to conduct the survey. This way the answers and comments are all confidential and allows people to not worry about who will read the survey and they can be more honest and straight forward.┬áThis type of feedback gives us the opportunity to get inside the heads of those that matter most and make any changes to ensure we make the show better and grow the show. What more could you ask for from a survey!

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