I recently finished closing out a series of trade shows and was left wondering why hotels over book space. While it is important for hotels to book their exhibit halls with trade shows so they keep revenue coming in, they should also focus on how to get trade shows to keep coming back to the hotel for future events. In the last 2 months I have experienced hotels over booking space to where one show isn’t fully moved out and the other show is moving in. Usually what happens is the show moving in is left waiting and has the move-in postponed for hours if not a full day. This adds so much stress to everyone and just starts the show off on a sour note. The message I would relay to those of you looking to book exhibit hall space is to make sure you check to see who is moving out on what days and ask to see the move-out schedule. This will save hours of frustration for you, the general contractor and the exhibitors. In the end you probably wont return to that facility in the future as a result of such a mix up and lack of communication.

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