If you want a sure fire way to guarantee your freight ends up in your booth on time, make sure you send it to the general contractors advanced warehouse. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have seen an exhibitor walk up to the service desk looking for lost freight because they didn’t send it to the advanced warehouse. I’ve seen some people send directly to show site and spend an entire day waiting for their carrier to show up only to have 30 minutes after it arrives to try to put together the booth before the show opens. I have also seen people send packages to themselves at the hotel only to be running around crazy trying to find where the hotel has stored their materials and wondering why no-one notified them that the packages had been received. I have seen shipping offices closed and exhibitors not having any way to get their materials out of a locked area.

Sending your freight to the advanced warehouse will save you hours of frustration looking for missing or undelivered pieces. Sending to the warehouse will allow you to relax and be confident that your freight will be sitting in your booth when you arrive. It will also allow you the opportunity to check to see that the warehouse has received it prior to the scheduled move-in.

For more information on how to save time and money when sending your freight to the show, please call John Olis at 847-426-3100 or email me at




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