Below are some tips that no exhibitor should go without and will guarantee one is better prepared and more equipped to capitalize on the exhibiting experience.

  • Set specific trade show goals with quantifiable objectives. Build a P&L for your participation and evaluate your performance against it. You might set a goal of meeting 3 new people each day that you will follow up with for possible sales. Preplan your evenings to attend activities that will be profitable for you to attend.
  • Don’t wait until the show to reach out to your target audience. Develop show mailers that invite people into your booth or that make your company stand out. These can be email news letters or direct mail. Send them out weeks before the show. Let people know you will be there and give them a reason to come by your booth to see you.
  • Shows are a great way to meet face to face with many top level decision makers. But you must get them to stop in your booth when they are walking the floor. Some people do this by having loud, bold displays that you can’t miss while others suggest the opposite. The main thing is that you develop a presentation geared towards one on one interaction with a personal touch. Offering on-line services that lets attendees interact with your product or offering is an excellent way to promote interest. Today’s technology lets us offer live webcasts or remote access meetings during the show.
  • Offer an attractive giveaway item via a lottery. Make sure it’s an over the top giveaway and promote it in your mailing campaign. Have them register on your company website before the show and immediately after the show.
  • Do not wing it. Be prepared for a 30 second pitch that includes asking several questions.
  • Studies show that most trade show leads are never followed up on after the show which wastes time and money. Follow up should happen within the first 5 days of the show not weeks after.
  • A good return on your trade show investment involves planning, preparing and then follow up.

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