You say you want to make this years trade show really stand out; Why not really go over top and customize your registration counters and entrance units this year. Most show managers settle for the standard registration counters and entrance units. We’ve all seen the same old boring square registration counters year after year. Did you know that it really doesn’t cost that much to upgrade to a custom reg area.  Take it upon yourself to ask your general contractor to customize the reg area this year and do away with the square reg counters and get a circular or octagon reg area that screams “Welcome to Registration”. My guess is most general contractors that value your business will be happy to do this at no extra cost to you. Same thing goes for the entrance unit. Isn’t it time your entrance unit shouts “Welcome to the Trade Show”!!

For more information or samples of how to enhance your registration area and entrance units email John Olis at jolis@vipertradeshow.com or call me at 847-426-3100.



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