When selecting a venue to host your conference or tradeshow always make sure you do your homework about the facility to learn of any hidden costs you may be hot with at the end of the conference. I recently had a show manager that one month before their show was to move-in found out from the facility that they had to hire a freight elevator operator for the tradeshow move-in at $150.00 per hour. They were also hit with being told they needed to hire a police officer on the street to direct traffic when their general contractor unloaded their equipment as the hotel had no doc but used the street for deliveries. There was also the cost of a parking permit so they had an open space for any trucks arriving to deliver exhibitor freight. All this amounted to thousands of dollars of un budgeted expenses. Needless to say the show managers were not happy as these were all hidden costs not brought up during the selection process. The moral of the story is; “No question is a bad question when choosing a venue to host your trade show”. Make sure you create a list and walk through all your questions with the facility pertaining to the trade show as well as the meeting portion of your event. This will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress 30-60 days prior to your event.

For more information on what to ask a facility pertaining to your trade show, call John Olis at 847-426-3100 or email me at


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