Quality does matter. I recently attended a trade show and had the opportunity to explore the graphics that exhibitors displayed in their booths. It was awesome to see some of the cool things people are doing with graphics today. Technology has allowed us to create some really wild and cutting edge images these days. However, one should make sure that the art work/ images are produced using the highest resolution possible. I witnessed some really cool designs that were made to look really cheap and unprofessional because they were printed using low resolution. This made everything look blurry and distorted giving the image of really low quality and left a bad impression of the company. Please make sure you get with your creative department or graphic designer and make sure everything you print is in high resolution. Remember: we only get one chance to make a first impression.

For more information on quality graphics please email John Olis at jolis@vipertradeshow.com or call me at 847-426-3100.




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