Trend #1: Trade Shows are Still Needed.

According to statistics, trade shows have a greater share of B2B marketing budgets than print and direct mail. Exhibitors are still looking for face to face time with potential buyers that the trade show floor gives them. In order to get attendees into booths some exhibitors are renting charging stations. This unit chargers a smartphone and tablet at the same time and will give exhibitors 10 minutes of the attendees time. 

Trend #2 Forget About Pre-Show Promotion.

Most attendees are not paying attention to anything before the show. (even phone calls) The focus should be on the actual face time and not the pre-show. Video Wall rentals are growing as they are a great way to grab attention especially since they can run a variety of formats including live video, photos and product information. 

Trend #3 Social Media is Growing.

If booths activities include product launching, demonstrations and customer testimonials caught on video, it’s most likely going to be shared on social media. 

Trend #4 Marketing Messages Are Better on Flat Screens.

Because Plasma Displays are more vivid and lighter now, they can be easily rigged and make your message really pop and draw attendees into the booth. 

Trend #5 Unqualified Leads will Be Ignored.

Overworked salespeople can no longer chase unqualified leads via business cards or information from a list. They will only follow up with qualified leads that have more promising information than just the prospects contact information. Lead retrieval systems are great for gathering qualified leads as they can be looked into before the show is over. 

Trend #6 Technology is Everywhere you look

Everything from ipad rentals to touch panel displays are all over the show floor for a variety of reasons but the biggest ones are: The booth is sleek and streamlined with visual automation, Technology reduces printing, shipping, storage costs and helps with green initiatives. There are so many reasons to rent ipads as they are very mobile and can serve as a portable kiosk and because of the thousands of apps are very versatile as well.

For more information on the latest trends please email John Olis at jolis@vipertradeshow.com or call me at 847-426-3100






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