If you’re like most meeting planners, you are either in the beginning stages or are well into the planning process for next years annual meeting. It’s always a tough thing to decide what to do different at next years meeting as you don’t want it to be too similar to this years meeting or people will think the meeting is stagnant and boring. At the same time you don’t want to make it so different that people are questioning whether this is what they came for and wondering why the meeting has changed directions.

I have often found that the best way to make a change that is well received is to involve as many people as possible. Taking your top 10-20 companies that attend your event, top 10-20 sponsors and top 10-20 exhibitors and getting their input can make the world of difference. For one thing, it get’s them involved and in turn gives them some ownership of the show and makes them want to sell the show to others. Another thing you will find is that they are the ones getting feedback from people at the show as they now feel they were part of the planning committee. Lastly, you now just created a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee for life.

Get people involved and watch how fast the vision is energized.

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